Greetings to you, fans of Lineage 2 ESL2! You probably could have thought that the Athena C6 project had gone into the archive, is almost ready and will be in chronicle C6 with C4 style gameplay etc!

That we left our offspring and went underground? Partly it is, but it is done only one by one Cause - a global change in the quality of our servers! We were supported by many people - both morally, And financially, and this gave us a push in development.

Changes for half a year:
  • - Purchased the best, at the moment, protection from bot programs and package hacks.
  • - The security of the assembly itself has been improved globally.
  • - Many minor changes were made to the game process - quests, skills, drop ...
  • - Analyzing our previous discoveries, we made the server concept a bit friendlier to

Player. Thank you for your comments in our line, we all are hanging on to us =)

As you can see, half a year has not passed in vain, and we are not trying to feed you another template Epilogue. The old people know, and newcomers still have to learn our server policy - the responsiveness of the administration, Constant support for servers throughout their existence and no shadow donate. After all, it is this that sets Athena C6 among the mass of other projects!

And now closer to the point! We are announcing the opening of a winter athena x45 rates! Absolutely new and An interesting server concept, author's bosses, quests, instances. For lovers of mysterious stories, And, in general, Laura, we developed a new storyline in which you can learn and Collect the pieces, as puzzles, the entire history of the world Athena C6. For someone, this concept of mid PvE-PvP server